This is Bethesda’s highest-profile game since being bought by Microsoft. It’s also a high-profile game for the console maker, as the acquisition turned it into an Xbox exclusive. Starfield is here with vast gameplay options, stories and quests. According to Engadget’s Jessica Conditt, every player will find a gameplay aspect that resonates with them. Bethesda claims it will take hundreds of hours to interact with everything in Starfield, and according to Jessica, “40 hours and one New Game Plus later, this doesn’t feel like a lie.”


Combat is one of Starfield’s weak points. While gun battles are central to the game’s core loop, they often feel unnecessary and occasionally monotonous. The scale is grand, but it feels like a mix of other sci-fi games and references. However, if you liked Cyberpunk and you liked No Man’s Sky, there’s certainly a bit of both in Starfield.

– Mat Smith

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