Would you be willing to pay for Facebook? Meta may add a paid subscription option to Instagram and Facebook for users in Europe, according to The New York Times. The ad-free tier addresses European Union (EU) regulations that have diminished some of Meta’s most lucrative data-collection methods, but, the NYT says, the company would continue offering free ad-supported versions of Facebook and Instagram in the EU. So, is this a cost-saving move? Would ad-free sites affect the company’s bottom line? Back in April, Meta said that advertising in the EU made up 10 percent of the company’s total revenue.

The EU fined Meta €1.2 billion in May for moving EU citizen’s data to US-based servers. In addition, the company was fined €265 million in 2022 for failing to prevent millions of Facebook users’ mobile numbers (and other data) from being scraped and posted online.

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All with no paid subscription option. At least not yet.

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