is fast approaching. But before Google publicly releases the next big version of the mobile operating system , the company has revealed a refreshed Android logo.

Android consumer brand management director Jason Fournier wrote that the company wanted the bugdroid to “appear as dynamic as Android itself.” By overhauling the full-body look of the mascot, the hope is that it will be easier for the bugdroid to look consistent across both digital and real-world environments. The refreshed bugdroid and updated logo will start appearing on Android devices and elsewhere later this year.

Along with the rebrand, has revealed the details of the quarterly Android feature drop. The headline feature is a new widget called Assistant At a Glance. The aim of this is to bring helpful information such as weather alerts, event reminders and travel updates. The widget uses AI to surface these details.

There’s a very useful-sounding accessibility feature coming to Android imminently. It’s called Image Q&A on Lookout. You’ll be able to use voice commands or type questions to find out more details about audio descriptions of visual content. Google designed the feature with blind and low-vision people in mind.



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