Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge when it launched last summer, breathing new life into the old-school 2D beat-em-up formula. Now there’s some to entice players back into the sewers. The Dimension Shellshock update was released today and brings new characters and a new game mode.

The DLC but the reveal didn’t include a release date, so today’s launch is a nice surprise. Dimension Shellshock allows you to play the entire game as two new players. There’s the comic book samurai Miyamoto Usagi from Usagi Yojimbo, an occasional friend to the turtles, and former Foot Clan soldier Karai. Both characters boast unique move sets and power ups.

As for the turtles and their cohorts, the DLC introduces palette swaps to keep things fresh. You don’t even have to buy Dimension Shellshock for this feature as there’s a free update with just the new colors.

There’s also a brand-new survival mode. This isn’t just a rehash that locks your characters in an arena with waves of enemies. Rather, it includes a number of original levels, called dimensions. There’s a bit of a roguelite element here, as the more you play, the more crystals you collect. These crystals can be used to purchase power ups, extra hit points and more.



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