A couple months after Microsoft revealed plans to increase Game Pass subscription prices, Sony is getting in on the act. The company is bumping up the annual prices of all three PlayStation Plus plans on September 6th.

An annual Essential subscription will soon cost $80 per year, up from $60. The Extra plan is going up by $35 to $135 per year, while an annual Premium plan will soon cost $40 more at $160. The price changes won’t take effect for current PS Plus users on an annual plan until their next renewal date that’s on or after November 6th. If you make any changes to your plan between September 6th and then (such as changing tiers), the new pricing will apply.

Sony has not announced changes to the monthly ($10 for Essential, $15 for Extra and $18 for Premium) or quarterly ($25 for Essential, $40 for Extra and $50 for Premium) for the time being. It notes that the annual plan is still less expensive than a monthly or quarterly subscription in the long run.

You still have a few days to stack an extra year (or two or three) onto your existing PS Plus plan at the current prices. It’s too early to tell whether it will be worth waiting until Black Friday in case there are better deals, so if you have the cash to spare, now might be the time to add extra time to your plan.