As it promised last week, Samsung has launched Food, a “personalized, AI-powered food and recipe” app in eight languages and 104 countries around the world. It draws on the food database of Whisk, an app Samsung acquired a few years back — and resembles a version of Whisk the company revealed last year. Given Samsung’s large presence in kitchens with its smart fridges and other appliances, the release of a food and recipe app seems a logical step for the company.

The app allows users to search for recipes around the world, save them and make weekly eating plans. The company prepared over 160,000 recipes for launch, with that number set to increase down the road. Samsung Food can also be run on mobile phones and Samsung Family Hub smart appliances like refrigerators, while allowing users to manage ingredients, shopping, etc.

Samsung launches Food, an 'AI-powered' recipe app

Users can save recipes anytime, and the app analyzes them, standardizes the format and organizes them to create shopping lists based on the ingredients. It can also provide recipe recommendations based on available food items as managed by the user. It even has a “personalize recipe” function that uses the AI to alter recipes recipes and create vegan or vegetarian versions, for instance. “Users will even be able to create fusion recipes, such as Korean versions of Italian dishes, and adjust cook time or skill level of recipes,” Samsung adds.

It uses AI to create recommendations for individualized daily meal plans based on dietary preferences and favorite cuisine types. Nutritional ingredient breakdowns can be viewed at any time, and users can add items to shopping lists and then send them straight to a retailer’s e-commerce checkout. With connected cooking, it lets users preheat ovens, set timers and transfer cook settings to supported appliances via a step-by-step guided cooking mode. 



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