I’m currently building out a new home entertainment setup, so I figure I may as well finally get a dock for my Steam Deck so I can hook it up to my TV. I’m glad I haven’t already plumped for Valve’s own Steam Deck Docking Station as an unofficial one from accessory maker GuliKit is a bit more stylish.

That’s because it takes a design cue or two from the Super Nintendo. It has a gray shell and a couple of large purple switches, which may be there just for aesthetic reasons. The docking port, which you can protect with a sliding dust cover when not in use, has a pair of vents.

On the rear, there are USB-C charging and AC adapter ports, as well as Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI and three USB 3.0 ports. The dock supports up to 100W power delivery as well as 4K 60Hz HDMI video output. There’s even hidden storage for four microSD cards.

It’s not only a Steam Deck you can plop into the dock either. GuliKit says it works with similar handheld devices such as the ROG Ally and Ayaneo’s systems. You can use it to play your Nintendo Switch on your TV as well. GuliKit notes that you’ll need to place your Switch upside down so that the console’s USB-C port is accessible. Still, there’s something quite fitting about using a Switch placed in this dock to play SNES games.



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